Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dining Room Mood Board

Another wishful thinking mood board. This time my focus was the dining room. Luckily there isn't much to that side of the room since it connects with the living room. I wanted to keep everything in there more subtle with clear views so it feels open.

I really love the idea of having a settee on one side of the table up against the wall. My turtle photo will be printed as large as I can and put up above the table. It's pretty much the largest wall in the house. I've waned to do a large piece of wall art for a long time but couldn't figure out where to put it. Then one day it hit me! The dining room. Perfection. Now to find some place to print it and mount it for me that won't be crazy expensive... oh my aching pocket book.

1. Crown Molding - Wish I Had That
2. Glass Link Chendelier - West Elm
3. Battersea Sofette - Anthropologie
4. Ocean/Seaglass Wool Rug - Angela Adams
5. Vince Clear Shell Chairs - Overstock
6. Calligaris Regency Oval Dining Table - InMod
7. Ficus Lyrata - Star Nursery
8. Turtle Print - Me!


Capree said...

LOVE your mood boards, Megan! I think the crown molding you could easily do yourself. (I've watched enough HGTV to make that statement.) Also, like I said on Twitter, I can get you a discount on the Angela Adams rug if you ever want to. Save your pennies, then let me know! ;)

Tess said...

I like this a lot! The chandelier is awesome, as is your photo. I can totally envision the room even though I'm not exactly sure the shape of the room or what would go where.