Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mario Kart

I'm so close to finally completing my Stats 221 class. If you've known me at all in the last four years you are saying, "You're still not done with Stats?!!?" The answer is, almost, promise.

I had a few things going on senior year at BYU and sorta put it on the back burner. So...I failed. And technically never got my diploma, although I walked. Some other things have gotten in the way like, finding a real job, working long long hours, finding a new job, dating the man of my dreams, planning a wedding, marrying the man of my dreams, moving across the country, being broke, finding a job, hating life, quitting said job, officially starting a business, learning flash and building a website in a month, photographing, trying to acquire a home loan, getting a crap job to get said loan, getting laid off, buying a home, moving......

Those are all the excuses I gave myself. But now I cannot bear the weight of Statistics 221 on my shoulders. After one unsuccessful attempt at passing via Independent Study (mainly because sitting at home doing stats was not as fun as playing with friends around NYC while I was an intern back in 2006) I am nearly done. Just a few more sections before I take all three exam sections and a final.

This is one of my favorite examples they gave during my endless hours of suffering:

I could not have gotten through all this muck without the help of Mario Kart. It was a good motivator for my sad little brain. Do this section, two quizzes per section included, and you get to play a Mario Kart cup.

Being that I played lots of Mario Kart in the last month I beat the game. YESSSS! It was oddly gratifying.

Thanks for the wild ride Baby Peach!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


It turns out I really love photographing real live events. I photographed my friend's birthday party a few weeks ago and I had a BLAST! I just loved it. It was an Amazing Race around Las Vegas. GENIUS! Sir Luke and I love Amazing Race. It wins "Best Reality Show" every year at the Emmy's because it is, A-mazing.

So check out the full post on my photo blog here. If you want to focus on the day you prepared for hours and hours instead of making sure you've got the photos to remember it let me know!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Master Bedroom Moodboard

Because I know you've been dieing to know how I was planning my bedroom (I kid, I kid) I busted out the plans with that next. While I was making this I realized something, I'm obsessed with teal right now. But to be candid my bedding is already a green and blue scheme so I'm not quite teal, but dang close. I promise the entire house is not one color...maybe.

This is our bedding right now. It's actually a little more muted than it looks there and the greens are a little more apparent. Anyway, that was my jumping of point.

I'm planning on making an upholstered headboard with tufting (still in the works, meaning foam is glued together and sitting on my garage floor and has been for the last month...). It's a caramel brown that coordinates with the lighter brown in the bedspread.

I've been obsessed with mirrored furniture for a while now. Sir Luke isn't really down with it but I figure night stands isn't so bad. Big enough to make a statement but small enough not to overwhelm. I'm planning on keeping my dresser that I've had since birth, it's solid woos and awesome. I just want to paint it and replace the knobs. Check out Anthropologie if you ever want to update the hardware on anything. They've got fabulous options and they have sales in store frequently.

Still not sure if we ever plan on wood floors upstairs too but if we did I'd choose a gigantic rug to help unite the space. Our bedroom is longer and more narrow so it's a little awkward to make seating arrangements but I think a couple wingback chairs and a small table would be perfect for reading before bed time or on a rainy day.

We have one giant wall nearly straight across from our bed that I want to put a settee on and some giant wall art. I really love the piece from Restoration Hardware but it's $800! Wowza. Maybe someday, that or I can make my own all art....which is probably more likely.

Unfortunately ceiling fans are a must in Vegas so I tried to find one that was a little delicate. Good bedside lighting is something we're definitely lacking right now and is on the to do list soon.

I also want to add two sets of drapes one sheer with some pattern and one thicker solid with a little texture. I like raw silk or something with metamerism in the pattern. We've got bamboo shades up now but the sun still peers in every morning

I threw in a new alarm clock for Sir Luke too, he needs it and there's nothing like a little Vader to help wake you up in the morning. Heavy, heavy breathing.

1. Headboard - InMod *
2. Park Mirrored Bedside Table - Pottery Barn
3. Rosy Knob & Waterwing Knob - Anthopologie
4. Rousseau's Dream Rug - Anthropologie
5. Chelsea Wing Chair - William Sonoma
6. Presidio Settee - William Sonoma
7. Antique Planisphere Chart - Restoration Hardware
8. George Kovacs Fan - Lighting Universe
9. Metro Swing Arm Wall Sconce - Crate & Barrel
10. Arch Floor Lamp - Target
11. Rain Forest Burnout Curtain - Urban Outfitters
12. Velvet Drape - Pottery Barn
13. Astrological Jewelry Stand - Urban Outfitters
14. Spine Wall Shelf - West Elm
15. Hudson Dresser - West Elm
16. Cube Nesting Tables - West Elm
17. Darth Vader Alarm Clock - Urban Outfitters
18. Vintage Rotary Phone - Anthropologie
19. Tuxedo Euro Sham - Anthropologie
20. Venetian Leaner Beaded Mirror - Restoration Hardware (not shown)

*I'm making one like this

Also, I added a layout for the dining room to that post because I realized I hadn't done that after the fact...woops.

Death At A Funeral

I loved Death at a Funeral. Dry British humor gets me every time. Uncomfortably funny moments had me in stitches most of the time.

Good news friends! They've made a version with a mostly black cast set in the US instead of England. I CANNOT WAIT. The only actor in both films is Peter Dinklidge, who is A-mazing.

Even if you won't plan on seeing the actual movies ever watch the previews for the comparison. It'll make you chuckle either way. Being that I rarely see movies in theaters I'm counting the days until it's released on DVD. Oh man, it's gonna be a goody.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Who Do You Think You Are?

I love family history.


When I heard that NBC was doing a series about celebrities discovering their family history. I think it will be such a great motivator to get people interested in their roots.

It's so exciting to find out from where you've come. When I took a class at BYU I figured I wouldn't learn much of anything new because my parents were both working at the family history center in Los Angeles at the time and had been working on their lines for decades. After a prayer to help me look in the right direction I felt like I should be searching in my Father's Mother's (Ruth Eleanor Lehner) paternal line.

That side of the family immigrated from the Swiss/Bavarian area in Europe. I was able to find my  great-great grandfather, Samuel Lehner, and his wife, Anna Margaretha Burk in the 1880 census in Illinois. The next census was from 1900, the 1890 census was lost in a fire except for a few states. There I found them in Santa Barbara, CA. It was that Census that I found Samuel's Brother, Jacob, and Jacob's wife Susan Richner, along with their eight children. It was so amazing to me. The fun thing about that particular census was the occupation listing. Both the Lehner brothers were butchers there in Santa Barbara. It's interesting to see their names on different Census documents. At times the origins say Germany, others Swiss and even still Bavaria.

Because of that line I was born as a fourth generation Californian, very rare to find these days. I am excited to continue embarking on the hunt for more family. And it's shows like this that help me pursue more of my heritage.

I'm planning on making my stairwell a collection of both Sir Luke's and my family history photographs. I want our children to grow up knowing from where they stem. I think it's so important.

Keep turning our hearts to the fathers. Where do you come from?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I purged a lot of my design blogs a while ago because I read way too many. Well after my class with Jonathan Canlas at WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International) last week I purged all my photography blogs. He was right, it was making me compare my work and try to be them and not be ME! And really, why don't I want to be me, I'm so great! J to the K.

So I decided to ad back some of my old design blogs I used to love, like decor8. It's fresh and happy and very inspiring.

I saw this gem in a post about Warren Heath Photography and want to make one of these wall hearts for my bedroom. What do you think?

This definitely does not have to be done with Polaroids. I've got tons but I like where they are so I will probably do them with old prints that I have scattered here and there. The point is I need it in my life. Perhaps I will make it huge on the wall across from my bed in my bedroom. Sounds like a plan. Hopefully Sir Luke is on board...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dining Room Mood Board

Another wishful thinking mood board. This time my focus was the dining room. Luckily there isn't much to that side of the room since it connects with the living room. I wanted to keep everything in there more subtle with clear views so it feels open.

I really love the idea of having a settee on one side of the table up against the wall. My turtle photo will be printed as large as I can and put up above the table. It's pretty much the largest wall in the house. I've waned to do a large piece of wall art for a long time but couldn't figure out where to put it. Then one day it hit me! The dining room. Perfection. Now to find some place to print it and mount it for me that won't be crazy expensive... oh my aching pocket book.

1. Crown Molding - Wish I Had That
2. Glass Link Chendelier - West Elm
3. Battersea Sofette - Anthropologie
4. Ocean/Seaglass Wool Rug - Angela Adams
5. Vince Clear Shell Chairs - Overstock
6. Calligaris Regency Oval Dining Table - InMod
7. Ficus Lyrata - Star Nursery
8. Turtle Print - Me!

A Very Vader Birthday

My good friend Becca has a birthday on Pi Day. I will admit I'm a little jealous. My good friend Jen wanted to celebrate with all Becca's friends from near and far so she asked us to make a video for Becca's birthday.

Sir Luke and I obliged.

I forgot how much I really love to make videos. I went through a phase where I made them all the time. It got a little out of control. But I think I should try it out again. And maybe Sir Luke will let me use his monster camera one of these days.

I better start thinking of something good....hmmm.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I love dogs.

I've been on the hunt for a dog for a while now. I'm trying to adopt one from the Nevada SPCA so I can give one a home that lost theirs. We came super close to adopting a cute black pomeranian we were planning on naming Wicket (as in the E-wok since the appearance was so close) but were denied because we were leaving for Cancun in a week.

We almost snagged a cute fawn colored pug named Curious George but were two people too late to snag him the day after we returned from our trip.

Every time I see someone walking a dog in out neighborhood I stop focusing on the task at hand and stare, longingly and lustfully. "I want that dog," I say out loud. Whether or not I am with anyone.

"You like dogs?" Sir Luke says. He likes to mock the fact that I have a one track mind right now. Dogs, dogs, dogs. I met a black and red Yorkie the other day when we came home from the airport. I was smitten by his perky little ears and shiny coat. Too bad I'm afraid I would step on a dog that small and break his little foot bones if he was mine.

Here are some breeds we like.

Pugs (I specifically want a black one but any will do as long as they're adorable and they don't have crazy googly-eyes)

Basset Hounds (we are concerned about size because although they are short still need lots of room, also they drool A LOT)

Shiba Inus (they shed A LOT, and are very independent dogs, but are also loyal and so so pretty. Have you seen the Shiba Inu puppy cam?!)

Pomeranian (Pom poms, I fell in love after I first saw Lulu on Craftzine and then Wicket stole my heart. We're hoping we can find another just as adorable)


This photo of Lulu was the clincher for Sir Luke, I think

Cavalier King Charles (so pretty and darling and sweet, gimme. Also, this)

So are you a dog or a cat person? I'd have more chance to be a cat person if I wasn't deathly allergic. Plus Sir Luke hates cats...meow?

What dog would you want, if you could get anything and money was no object (some of those breeds are Priceville, USA!)

Monday, March 1, 2010

My First Quilt

My mom came to stay with me last week whilst Sir Luke was in Chicago on a gig. We had SO much fun and she taught me how to quilt while she was here. She started me on a harder piece but we only did the center block so I'd have time to do it from beginning to end under her supervision.

You can click on the photo to see it larger. I really love how it turned out and am pretty proud of myself. It takes a lot of concentration and cutting pieces perfectly is definitely the key to success. I think I could do it again without my mom.

She got me this great Amy Butler Disc that has a bunch of patterns on it including a floor cushion I plan on making and a simpler quilt. I think I want to stipple the entire thing (see second picture). I'll definitely be going back to Quiltique where we found a bunch of amazing fabric. It's a money pit in there. Mmm hmm.

Revisiting the 80s

I ruined a pair of grey jeans with bleach whilst washing some whites a month ago. I wore them for a while  around the house and with people I knew wouldn't judge me for being shabby and pathetic. But I grew tired of it appearing as though a bird pooped on my leg.

So instead of buying new grey pants I bleached the whole thing instead. They get dirty way faster but I really like that the thread is super dark on the white.

I think they need one more serious bleaching. You can still see the bleach spot a little.

The Purse

Here's the purse I forgot to post in the Cancun post.
What do you think?