Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Soap Box

When I was a kid my best friend and her siblings didn't get vaccinated. Back in the 80s everyone was vaccinated. Her family was the only one I knew that wasn't. Her dad wasn't big on pumping her family full of chemicals when everyone else was vaccinated. Blanket immunity would keep them healthy. And it did.

But that was then.

More and more parents don't immunize. I know a lot of this is for fear of causing autism, which has not been scientifically linked. Plus the study that showed it did was recently recanted by the doctor who "performed the study." Apparently he wasn't consistent or honest in his findings. There so many articles on the subject but I wanted give a shout out to vaccines, because I think we should get vaccinated.

A fellow photographer I follow on twitter lost her baby this year due to pertussis. Whooping cough. In adults or older kids it's annoying and uncomfortable but not often fatal. Not so for babies. I broke my heart to see Natalie watch in horror as her child slipped away from her. Her baby hadn't reached all the phases of the pertussis vaccine and quite possibly caught it from one of his siblings or even his parents.

The problem is not often that your little one isn't vaccinated it's that someone else isn't and they're carrying an illness. Many people resort to keeping their school age children away from newborns. I feel it's so important to make sure you vaccinate yourself and your children.

And that's my soapbox.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New Shoes

I really like white flats. I've owned two pair that I wore to death over the last six years. I inevitably wear them everyday, so they tend to go rather quickly.

In 2004 it was a pair of white moccasin type shoes with pink and green crystals on the bridge in the shape of a half moon. In 2008 I finally retired those (I should have a lot sooner, but they were hard to say goodbye to, I loved them) and went for some white loafer type flats. Once the stink started to invade everything, I opted to no longer wear them. I refuse to show you what they looked like on the back. No more white leather. That's all I'm going to say.

I was struggling for outfits sans white flats. So Sir Luke's friends at hooked us up with a discount and we each got a desperately needed new pair of shoes.

I love my new shoes! And I love new shoe smell. I used to smell my sneakers for hours when I first got them as a kid. Pre-wear of course!

So what do you think? Out with the old, in with the new?

Monday, April 12, 2010

Office Mood Board

Sir Luke's Office needs some serious help. Lots and lots of storage. Right now there are loads of cardboard boxes lying about and nothing has a home. He's got plenty of space but without shelving. He got tools recently so we'll probably be making our own shelving but I like the modular look. He has tons of quasi "big boy" toys to display. These consist of tons of Star Wars Pez dispensers, Lego Star Wars models and Simpson KidRobot toys. Plus he has a boat load of books. He's also got a bunch of Star Wars Micro-machines that he wants to make into a rad clock.

I love the idea of having a wall mural up. I wanted to find him a super hero one but none of them are big enough. But since Sir Luke secretly wants a VW bus to drive around I figured it was fitting. I'm in love with the zebra rug, thus it's going in the office. No worries, it's not real. The giant life size table lamp is rad. I'm in love with it.

1. Golden Yellow Camper Van - Surface View
2. Blu Dot Flat Out Sofa - All Modern Furniture
3. LACK Bookcase - IKEA
4. Zebra Hide Rug (faux) -
5. Alpha Floor Lamp (yep, it's a floor lamp) - CB2
6. Marquee Light - Urban Outfitters
7. Boxcar Credenza - CB2
8. LACK Shelving Unit - IKEA
9. R2-D2 iPod Dock/Projector - Hanmacher
10. Micro Machine Star Wars Wall Clock - Handmade
11. Lightsaber Bookends - Star Wars Shop
12. Office Oraganization - The Container Store

Friday, April 9, 2010

Herman Miller Eames Chair

I have been secretly coveting a Herman Miller Eames Chair for a long long time. I like to refer to them as psychiatrist chairs. They normally run about $3,700. I've found knockoffs for as low as $545. I spot them in lots of movies and tv shows. It makes me laugh when they have them in run down homes because they are so dang expensive.

And now I have one.

I know you're thinking, "what, the what Mrs. Megan Ruth Stay? I thought you were a poor person." To which I reply, "I am, my friend, I am."

A couple nights ago I was waiting for Sir Luke to get home from another long day on the job. I was searching around for my usual items (pug, patio, chaise, bench, leather chair). I've been trying to find a leather chair to quasi revamp. My mom gave me this great up-cycle book, Tosssed & Found, for Christmas with some great ideas, including one for a leather chair.

That's when I spotted the ad. "BROWN LEATHER CHAIR & OTTOMAN - $25" Being that I've been searching since Christmas for a leather chair to makeover I had an idea of what kind of not so awesome was going to be in the link.

Boy, oh boy, was I WRONG!

How To: Headboard of Your Dreams

I've been eying an upholstered headboard for quite some time. I blogged about this one a couple years ago, thinking that's the type I wanted. I could have make that one but there was something about tufting that gets me every time. I'm not super formal but I can't help it, I love tufting.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

It's Back

Sir Luke and I wanted to buy this BBQ last fall when it went on sale for $279. Maybe we'll be able to get it this fall when it goes on sale again. That green is calling to me.

Pugs NOT Drugs

Capree found me my new favorite article of clothing. Being for pugs and against drugs, I feel as though it's a perfect fit.

Now to just find someone to get it for me. Any takers? Sir Luke? I'll take a size large.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Memoir: Part I

This is a memoir about some of my experiences in high school. I changed all the names of those involved except my own so this won't come up if someone happens to Google any names involved...awkward. Some of you may know parts but probably not the whole story. I hope it doesn't bore you entirely. It's pretty long so I'm breaking it up in weekly installments for your Wednesday amusement.

My senior year of high school was great but completely confusing. I thought I was getting over being the chubby girl, learning who I was, and hitting my stride, but as the school year progressed it became very apparent I had no idea what I was doing or who I was.
My first day of senior year started with English in Mrs. Gryzbowski’s class. I was thrilled to be surrounded by so many of my friends. But when I realized Shaun Redding was sitting behind me I about puked. He was an incessant tapper, on his desk, his books, my head and anything else within his reach. He drummed constantly, and having dealt with this in my freshman English class I knew what I was in for...a nervous breakdown. Luckily my friend Bess was kind enough to trade seats with him so I wouldn’t lose my mind in the first 10 minutes of my senior year. Mrs. Gryzbowski began introducing herself to the class after she shushed us quiet. She was an older woman with short grey hair and wisps of white tufts throughout. She had rosy red cheeks and a permanent smile on her face. She was about the same height as I was and thus she lost the intimidation factor completely.
"It's your senior year," she began, “…don't blow it." We all laughed and she began going through the roll. When she got to the third Megan on the roll she gave an exasperated huff and clutched her arms around the podium. "There are too many Megan's. What can we do about this? Do any of you go by any other names."
"You can call her Nichol," my friend Anna Hamilton piped up from the seat just below Mrs. Gryzbowski’s nose, pointing in my direction. Mind you my last named was Nichol, pronounced like nickel, and when written was constantly getting confused for Nicole. I scowled at her and she gave me a smirk and a laugh with a shrug of her shoulders. That platinum blonde was asking for it. But before I could make a protesting remark Mrs. Gryzbowski looked at me.
"Nichol? Nichol." She tested it out in several different tones and then proclaimed, "I like it."
And that was that. I was Nichol for the rest of the year. It became my entire identity. I’d always hated my first name, so a change was in order anyway.
After our proverbial 20 minute snack break we termed nutrition I followed a friend to Physics.
I wanted to be a photographer. What was I doing here? The class was dryer than a piece of stale burnt toast. The professor, whose name I never learned, began the class almost instantly reading out of the textbooks. What happened to introductions? Jokes? Really? This is what I was going to have to live through for the next nine months? I started getting anxious and confused almost immediately. The things he was discussing were going over my head. Was I sure there wasn't some other class I was supposed to have taken after Chemistry before I jumped into this cesspool of Physics? It seemed as though I was the only senior idiotic enough to be taking the class. Nearly everyone was else was either a sophomore or a junior.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Old Hair/New Tricks

My friend Jessica cute my hair a couple weeks ago. It's taken me a little while to get the hang of short hair again. I love it.


I've been feeling stagnant in my personal work these days. I needed something fun and new to work on that would keep me shooting but not be totally overwhelming. My friend Melissa and I started on a project together that I am really excited about.

Oh sweet treats, how I love thee. Here's your cryptic sneak peak for now.

More to come soon!