Monday, April 12, 2010

Office Mood Board

Sir Luke's Office needs some serious help. Lots and lots of storage. Right now there are loads of cardboard boxes lying about and nothing has a home. He's got plenty of space but without shelving. He got tools recently so we'll probably be making our own shelving but I like the modular look. He has tons of quasi "big boy" toys to display. These consist of tons of Star Wars Pez dispensers, Lego Star Wars models and Simpson KidRobot toys. Plus he has a boat load of books. He's also got a bunch of Star Wars Micro-machines that he wants to make into a rad clock.

I love the idea of having a wall mural up. I wanted to find him a super hero one but none of them are big enough. But since Sir Luke secretly wants a VW bus to drive around I figured it was fitting. I'm in love with the zebra rug, thus it's going in the office. No worries, it's not real. The giant life size table lamp is rad. I'm in love with it.

1. Golden Yellow Camper Van - Surface View
2. Blu Dot Flat Out Sofa - All Modern Furniture
3. LACK Bookcase - IKEA
4. Zebra Hide Rug (faux) -
5. Alpha Floor Lamp (yep, it's a floor lamp) - CB2
6. Marquee Light - Urban Outfitters
7. Boxcar Credenza - CB2
8. LACK Shelving Unit - IKEA
9. R2-D2 iPod Dock/Projector - Hanmacher
10. Micro Machine Star Wars Wall Clock - Handmade
11. Lightsaber Bookends - Star Wars Shop
12. Office Oraganization - The Container Store


Tiffany said...

you are so talented!! i totally just bought that zebra rug!! thanks for the tip!

MegRuth said...

Oooh! Let me know how you like the rug!