Saturday, August 21, 2010

Family Tree

My dad turned 75 last week. Clearly a big birthday and I wanted to give him something that was thoughtful and would mean something to him. Even though wall real estate is a rare commodity in my parent's house so I knew what I was planning was a risky move.

The Family Tree idea came to me nearly a year ago when my mom announced our family reunion at Bear Lake that would take place over my dad's birthday. Being the prolific procrastinator that I am I spent an entire day making it the day before Sir Luke and I left. Despite the rushed nature of the project it came out splendidly.

 I used the Martha Stewart leaf punch to make all the leaves and designed the tree's branches and roots with scrapbook paper. The wood grain paper was perfect for the trunk. The background paper is made with an old map of California I got at the BYU library back in 2005. My dad's family has been in California since the 1850s so I thought it was fitting. I wouldn't even have thought of it if Sir Luke hadn't mentioned it.

My dad loved it!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Red Sox

We did so many awesome things while we were visiting Sir Luke's family in Boston. One of my faves was going to a Red Sox game.

James didn't get to go but he knew how to suit up.

 I've been wanting to sing Neil Diamond with thousands of people for a long time...dream fulfilled.

This was pre-official Red Sox shirt purchase. I felt a little out of place in the closest thing to a red shirt I had. Ben and Rebekah already had their Sox garb so they fit in with the crowd.

 I was surprised at how small the stadium was compared to Dodger Stadium. This lead to a lengthy debate between Sir Luke and myself about the difference between stadiums, fields, parks etc. Needless to say I won. The point being I thought Fenway Park was so charming. The hot dogs didn't hurt either.

Thanks to Greg and Jennifer for taking us and Ben and Rebekah for joining the festivities.

Monday, August 2, 2010


While Sir Luke and I were in Boston working for the man we got to have a lovely dinner with Matt and Christina Homer. They were excellent company. I miss these chaps.  Thanks to Mr. Homer for having long arms and getting us all in this photo together.

Isn't Sir Luke a stud? I think so.
I love him.