Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Soap Box

When I was a kid my best friend and her siblings didn't get vaccinated. Back in the 80s everyone was vaccinated. Her family was the only one I knew that wasn't. Her dad wasn't big on pumping her family full of chemicals when everyone else was vaccinated. Blanket immunity would keep them healthy. And it did.

But that was then.

More and more parents don't immunize. I know a lot of this is for fear of causing autism, which has not been scientifically linked. Plus the study that showed it did was recently recanted by the doctor who "performed the study." Apparently he wasn't consistent or honest in his findings. There so many articles on the subject but I wanted give a shout out to vaccines, because I think we should get vaccinated.

A fellow photographer I follow on twitter lost her baby this year due to pertussis. Whooping cough. In adults or older kids it's annoying and uncomfortable but not often fatal. Not so for babies. I broke my heart to see Natalie watch in horror as her child slipped away from her. Her baby hadn't reached all the phases of the pertussis vaccine and quite possibly caught it from one of his siblings or even his parents.

The problem is not often that your little one isn't vaccinated it's that someone else isn't and they're carrying an illness. Many people resort to keeping their school age children away from newborns. I feel it's so important to make sure you vaccinate yourself and your children.

And that's my soapbox.

Have a great day!

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Carolyn said...

I agree. My kids are immunized and I'm proud of it!