Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mario Kart

I'm so close to finally completing my Stats 221 class. If you've known me at all in the last four years you are saying, "You're still not done with Stats?!!?" The answer is, almost, promise.

I had a few things going on senior year at BYU and sorta put it on the back burner. So...I failed. And technically never got my diploma, although I walked. Some other things have gotten in the way like, finding a real job, working long long hours, finding a new job, dating the man of my dreams, planning a wedding, marrying the man of my dreams, moving across the country, being broke, finding a job, hating life, quitting said job, officially starting a business, learning flash and building a website in a month, photographing, trying to acquire a home loan, getting a crap job to get said loan, getting laid off, buying a home, moving......

Those are all the excuses I gave myself. But now I cannot bear the weight of Statistics 221 on my shoulders. After one unsuccessful attempt at passing via Independent Study (mainly because sitting at home doing stats was not as fun as playing with friends around NYC while I was an intern back in 2006) I am nearly done. Just a few more sections before I take all three exam sections and a final.

This is one of my favorite examples they gave during my endless hours of suffering:

I could not have gotten through all this muck without the help of Mario Kart. It was a good motivator for my sad little brain. Do this section, two quizzes per section included, and you get to play a Mario Kart cup.

Being that I played lots of Mario Kart in the last month I beat the game. YESSSS! It was oddly gratifying.

Thanks for the wild ride Baby Peach!


Carolyn said...

I'm impressed that you beat the game! Awesome. And, for the record, I think all of your reaons for not finishing Stats are totally legitimate!

MegRuth said...

Thanks Carolyn! The fact that you think they're legit make me feel better. You are a champ!

Janina Jones said...

Mario is the one game I play as well. It is so good for the soul.