Monday, March 22, 2010

Master Bedroom Moodboard

Because I know you've been dieing to know how I was planning my bedroom (I kid, I kid) I busted out the plans with that next. While I was making this I realized something, I'm obsessed with teal right now. But to be candid my bedding is already a green and blue scheme so I'm not quite teal, but dang close. I promise the entire house is not one color...maybe.

This is our bedding right now. It's actually a little more muted than it looks there and the greens are a little more apparent. Anyway, that was my jumping of point.

I'm planning on making an upholstered headboard with tufting (still in the works, meaning foam is glued together and sitting on my garage floor and has been for the last month...). It's a caramel brown that coordinates with the lighter brown in the bedspread.

I've been obsessed with mirrored furniture for a while now. Sir Luke isn't really down with it but I figure night stands isn't so bad. Big enough to make a statement but small enough not to overwhelm. I'm planning on keeping my dresser that I've had since birth, it's solid woos and awesome. I just want to paint it and replace the knobs. Check out Anthropologie if you ever want to update the hardware on anything. They've got fabulous options and they have sales in store frequently.

Still not sure if we ever plan on wood floors upstairs too but if we did I'd choose a gigantic rug to help unite the space. Our bedroom is longer and more narrow so it's a little awkward to make seating arrangements but I think a couple wingback chairs and a small table would be perfect for reading before bed time or on a rainy day.

We have one giant wall nearly straight across from our bed that I want to put a settee on and some giant wall art. I really love the piece from Restoration Hardware but it's $800! Wowza. Maybe someday, that or I can make my own all art....which is probably more likely.

Unfortunately ceiling fans are a must in Vegas so I tried to find one that was a little delicate. Good bedside lighting is something we're definitely lacking right now and is on the to do list soon.

I also want to add two sets of drapes one sheer with some pattern and one thicker solid with a little texture. I like raw silk or something with metamerism in the pattern. We've got bamboo shades up now but the sun still peers in every morning

I threw in a new alarm clock for Sir Luke too, he needs it and there's nothing like a little Vader to help wake you up in the morning. Heavy, heavy breathing.

1. Headboard - InMod *
2. Park Mirrored Bedside Table - Pottery Barn
3. Rosy Knob & Waterwing Knob - Anthopologie
4. Rousseau's Dream Rug - Anthropologie
5. Chelsea Wing Chair - William Sonoma
6. Presidio Settee - William Sonoma
7. Antique Planisphere Chart - Restoration Hardware
8. George Kovacs Fan - Lighting Universe
9. Metro Swing Arm Wall Sconce - Crate & Barrel
10. Arch Floor Lamp - Target
11. Rain Forest Burnout Curtain - Urban Outfitters
12. Velvet Drape - Pottery Barn
13. Astrological Jewelry Stand - Urban Outfitters
14. Spine Wall Shelf - West Elm
15. Hudson Dresser - West Elm
16. Cube Nesting Tables - West Elm
17. Darth Vader Alarm Clock - Urban Outfitters
18. Vintage Rotary Phone - Anthropologie
19. Tuxedo Euro Sham - Anthropologie
20. Venetian Leaner Beaded Mirror - Restoration Hardware (not shown)

*I'm making one like this

Also, I added a layout for the dining room to that post because I realized I hadn't done that after the fact...woops.


Tess said...

I cannot get over those mirrored tables! What an idea! I LOVE the curtains and the complimenting contrast in weight and texture. I can't wait to buy/make curtains for my house when I get one! The Vader clock is awesome. :)

MegRuth said...

Tess, there are some people that actually mirror their own tables, I'd just be afraid of the amount of bloodshed if I were to attempt.

I love them SO much!

Carolyn said...

I love your taste. I love that ceiling fan.

Can't wait to see the finished product!