Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I love dogs.

I've been on the hunt for a dog for a while now. I'm trying to adopt one from the Nevada SPCA so I can give one a home that lost theirs. We came super close to adopting a cute black pomeranian we were planning on naming Wicket (as in the E-wok since the appearance was so close) but were denied because we were leaving for Cancun in a week.

We almost snagged a cute fawn colored pug named Curious George but were two people too late to snag him the day after we returned from our trip.

Every time I see someone walking a dog in out neighborhood I stop focusing on the task at hand and stare, longingly and lustfully. "I want that dog," I say out loud. Whether or not I am with anyone.

"You like dogs?" Sir Luke says. He likes to mock the fact that I have a one track mind right now. Dogs, dogs, dogs. I met a black and red Yorkie the other day when we came home from the airport. I was smitten by his perky little ears and shiny coat. Too bad I'm afraid I would step on a dog that small and break his little foot bones if he was mine.

Here are some breeds we like.

Pugs (I specifically want a black one but any will do as long as they're adorable and they don't have crazy googly-eyes)

Basset Hounds (we are concerned about size because although they are short still need lots of room, also they drool A LOT)

Shiba Inus (they shed A LOT, and are very independent dogs, but are also loyal and so so pretty. Have you seen the Shiba Inu puppy cam?!)

Pomeranian (Pom poms, I fell in love after I first saw Lulu on Craftzine and then Wicket stole my heart. We're hoping we can find another just as adorable)


This photo of Lulu was the clincher for Sir Luke, I think

Cavalier King Charles (so pretty and darling and sweet, gimme. Also, this)

So are you a dog or a cat person? I'd have more chance to be a cat person if I wasn't deathly allergic. Plus Sir Luke hates cats...meow?

What dog would you want, if you could get anything and money was no object (some of those breeds are Priceville, USA!)


Little Lisa said...

I can't believe no one has commented yet!

I really love black and tan mini dachshunds. They are adorable. So peppy, fun, lovey dovey, and endearingly mischievous. My mom's got one. Name's Phoebe. She's our resident ham.

Capree said...

I would want a Schnauzer!!! I feel so fortunate that we were able to get one that is an absolute perfect match for our personalities. If not a Schnauzer, then a Boston Terrier. I love Bostons so much, but I don't know if I could ever get one because of how much they shed. Blech.