Monday, October 3, 2011


I usually don't remember my dreams. But when they are really disturbing or leave an exceptionally bad taste in my mouth I do. A couple weeks ago I dreamt my mom told me what I was doing with my life was a waste and I was incapable of being successful. Yeah...totally devastating to hear your parent say that. I told Sir Luke about it and his reassuring response, "your mom would never say that to you." Indeed he is true but it still stuck with me for a while and kinda threw me for a loop.

This morning I woke up during the terror of a dream I was having, tried to knock it out of my head, went back to sleep and still had to deal with the situation. Does that ever happen to you? I know I'm dreaming in about 80% of my dreams. Unless I'm sleep walking in which case I think everything is real.

You know how most people dream that someone is kidnapping them. Well last night I dreamt I kidnapped someone. And not just any someone, a bride. And I was the maid of honor. And it was against her will. And someone shrank her and I stuffed her in a doll and took her far far away. And then went back to the wedding like nothing was unusual. But I felt horrible the entire time and the people who were threatening me if I divulged the secret were following me all over the place. Oh and Sir Luke had gotten me involved but he wasn't there. He was at the place where I had taken the tiny bride in the doll (I never said dreams made sense). I danced down the aisle with the bridesmaids because the scary people told me I had to be normal. And for the record, no ceremony would start if no one had seen or heard from the bride in 24 hours.

So I looked up the meaning of this dream as soon as I woke up, 1: because I bolted out of bed at 6:30 because I was tired of the crazy, 2: because I needed to know why I was dreaming I kidnapped someone, 3: because I was completely wigged out.

So this is what it boils down to when you dream you kidnap someone: 
demonstrates that you need to think about the invisible barriers that you have been putting up in your life so that you can face life again without fear.
The key meaning of this dream suggests that you have a desire to control a personal situation in your life.
Yes and YES. Creepy. 100% creepy how true this all is. I am completely blown away by my subconscious telling me things in a, albeit, disturbing way. None the less, message received subconscious. Please don't try to tell me again. Please.

Peace out.


Cozy in Texas said...

Interesting. I hate it when the "dream" follows you around all day and you can't shake it.

Deveny said...

You creeper criminal.... hahaha My 2 main dreams are 1) Trying to run away from bad people & my vision is impaired (& I go super slow for some reason) and 2) Hubby leaves me for someone else. Lovely...

Carolyn said...

It was so interesting to read all of this and I'm going to try very hard to remember my dreams tonight. We'll see if the interpretation turns out to be 100% true!