Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Van Horn Family Reunion Part I

I went to Minnesota last month to gather with a hodge podge of family from around the country. Dalton, MN, where my Uncle Roger and Aunt Linda live, was the gathering place of choice and I LOVED it. I hadn't been there since 2000. It seems so long ago, and I guess it was.

There are too many photos to post them all at one time. You would hate me. So here are some photos of tractors. There were a lot given it was a tractor fair, show thing. Lots of family members drove tractors in the parades. Multiple tractor parades over three days, four in total. Yes, I sat through at least two.

This is my Uncle Roger. He collects tractors. Yes, you heard correctly. He collects them. I think he has over 50. Don't ask me where he gets them all or where he keeps them. But they are mostly Minneapolis-Moline and they are really pretty. Tractor design is pretty awesome. Oh, and my Uncle George collects tractors as well. How many people do you know that collect tractors? What? None? Too bad for you.

Ben was supposed to drive this in the parade on the second day, but sadly when he lined up on the parade route the tractor died. It was a sad day. But he did end up driving people around on the people movers on a tractor all day long on the last show day. Believe me, he was a happy cowboy.

Micah driving in the second day parade.

My mom driving while my sister, Julie waves like the beauty queen she is on the back of the tractor. I think this is the one I drove when  I was sixteen. My Uncle Eugene sat on the wheel well when I drove back in the day but I was too timid to drive one alone this year. Maybe Sir Luke will drive one next time we go back there.

My cute mom after her tractor parade debut.  Many more posts to come about this trip!

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Club Narwhal said...

omg! claudia and julie on the tractor = priceless.