Sunday, October 2, 2011

La Honda, CA

La Honda is tucked in the mountains 30 miles south of San Francisco. There on Memory Lane (it is actually on Memory Lane, adorable and fitting) sits a beautiful home on property bought by my great grandfather Lehner. My dad's cousin still lives there and I am super jealous. It really is like being in paradise. I haven't been there in probably ten years. As soon as we got there all those memories from my childhood sprang up. Not a while lot has changed aside from trees growing wider and taller and the bushes getting bushier. It's such a gorgeous place. It used to have finches, rabbits, horses and chickens. But these days chickens and doves are the only creatures housed on the property aside from the deer, blue jays and other  wild beasts roaming around.

It was great to see some family that I hadn't been around in ages. Most of these pictures are just of JoAnn at the house but Sandee was there too. The Blue Jays there are pretty serious about scavenging but they are some of my favorite birds on the planet. That color just doesn't seem natural in nature. It's so beautiful. And perfect. Here are tons of pictures, enjoy.

My favorite thing to look for around La Honda when I was a kid were, banana slugs. Turns out, still my favorite thing to hunt for. And, they are everywhere.

The new porch railing was made with fallen trees, so beautiful. LOVE

And if you want to see them all you can view them here!


Club Narwhal said...

omg la honda! chickens! i have this distinct memory of your dad showing us how to put chickens to sleep in that coop. and playing shanghai rummy. and yes, your parents are so cute in that photo!

Sarah said...

LOVE these photos! What an amazing little place to have in the family. You are so talented!