Tuesday, May 31, 2011

She's a Lady

Whoooaa, whoooaa, she's a lady!

I constantly get the question, "is it a girl or a boy?" when I'm on a walk with Ripley P. Eyebrows. With a very androgynous name like Ripley and the mentality that "dogs are boys and cats are girls" people do not readily know what Ripley's sex is. And I'd like to fix it in an obvious and sparkly way.

Cue pink rhinestone collar! I'm on the market and I've found a few awesome ones. I like this straight forward pink sparkle collar. The thing that's annoying is I like the teal one better...buuuut that kinda defeats the purpose.
Via Dazzle Dog Delight or this cheap version on Doggie Vogue

I like that this one could potentially have her name on it.
Via Paliette

Pink on pink? Is that a clear enough message?

Via Bark Bling

Who spends $140 on a dog collar?! I saw another that was over $340K. No joke. Real diamonds on a dog collar. Insane.
via Calling All Dogs

What do you think of this resolution? I mean my own mother glued a bow to my head when I was a baby since I was bald til age three. Yes, bald.

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