Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Charlie Brown Wall

I really like chevron stripes. I think they are awesome. I've been wanting to paint something in our house for a long time. I haven't painted a thing since our master bath. I think it's weird that the two painted rooms in our house are bathrooms. UNTIL NOW!

I often check in at Lowes for reject paint. Reject paint is paint mixed for people who either; don't like it once they see it in paint form or order it and never come back (rude). Usually the colors available in a gallon are various shades of beige or hot pink. And if you know me at all you know I'm not afraid of color. So when I looked at the reject shelf and saw the dark teal that goes perfectly with the color in my "decor" I knew it had to be mine, mine, MINE!

But because I cannot do anything halfway I decided to add shiny silver "chevron stripes." I think they turned out more Charlie Brown than chevron but I really love the wall anyway. I love coming downstairs to see a giant piece of art on my wall.

I used an architects square (umm...I called it a T- ruler before Sir Luke mocked me) and cut out a triange out of some think junk mail. With my laser level I marked the center line and then just traced over the triangle above and below the line. Then I used frog tape to outline the zig-zags. But then I painted the teal over the tape edges to seal it some more. I had about 5 spots to touch up on the whole design. Wah-bam! It took me about two days, three including the drying and minor touch ups. Not bad.

Please don't judge the sad thrift store chairs that might break in the next ten minutes, nor my sad shoe/magazine rack or the curling up of my IKEA rug that threatens to trip every human that walks in the door.

So could you do something this bold or am I the only crazy one who does this on a whim?


Rebekah said...

Holy cow, woman! Was that a beast to tape? It was worth it. It looks amazing!!

MegRuth said...

It really wasn't that bad, and it went quickly. I LOVE it! Turns out straight lines is a lot harder than chevron.

Trisha @ 3 Four and Under said...

I HEART chevron! I've been wanting to do a project with chevron stripes! You should spray paint the chairs like yellow or something, that would be awesome!

heather said...

You're incredible Megan! I love it. And what score on that paint!