Wednesday, May 4, 2011

30 before 30

My 30th birthday is approaching faster than I'd like. I'm kind baffled at how quickly time has gone by since I graduated from college. I know there are lots of people who have done lists such as this and I figured it would be a good idea for me to put one together to help me accomplish some things I've had my mind on for a while now. I kinda cheated and used some off of this list.

via National Geographic

So... 30 things I want to do before I'm 30

  1. Bake a soufflé
  2. Wallpaper a room
  3. Get out of the country
  4. Really decorate for Christmas
  5. Landscape my "yard"
  6. Read all the Harry Potter books
  7. Shop at the Alameda Flea Market or World's Longest Yard Sale Went to Rose Bowl Flea Market Instead
  8. Become SCUBA certified
  9. Wear a big hat to church
  10. Refinish the kitchen cabinets and tile a backsplash
  11. Photograph my Night & Day series and try to get it published or in a show or make a book
  12. Sew myself a sassy dress with one of my vintage patterns
  13. Get food storage in order
  14. Learn to play the banjo
  15. Become pregnant, blast you insurance!
  16. Throw a very golden birthday party (mark your calendars, 2/28/12!) Nixed
  17. Purchase real dining room chairs (gotta decide which ones...)
  18. Start my layers project
  19. Take ballroom dance lessons
  20. Reupholster the other wingback chair, by myself...
  21. Pickle cucumbers with a faboo recipe
  22. Get into good habits (reading scriptures, writing in my journal, not putting my clothes at the foot of my bed, not leaving dishes in the sink, not biting my nails...again)
  23. Own a gas efficient car
  24. Workout 5 days a week
  25. Build a piece of furniture by myself
  26. Produce a diptych of my turtle photo
  27. Make this into a quilt Make this photo into a quilt like this
  28. Teach my dog to roll over and stay
  29. Lose 30 pounds, no jokes
  30. Wear some kick ace shoes on hot a date with Sir Luke
What do you want to do before you get to the next big number?


Tess said...

I love it...such a good idea. I especially love #15 and hope it all works out soon!

Carolyn said...

What a good list! This makes me want to compile a list for myself. I hope you are able to do all 30 things! I might have to copy some of the things on your list...

Kathy said...

Number 6 is my favorite! If you read all the books you will enjoy my next HP Halloween party. I hate to say it but I'm thinking of having another one this year. Ethan and his friends are begging for one.

britta said...

You have inspired me to make my own list of thirty things. Where to begin . . . ? Great idea megs.