Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New York State of Mind

What do you do when you miss NYC? You look at photos that you never blogged from last summer. And there is nothing more New York to me than a Shack Burger. Mmmm....queue salivation.

Being that we love food our entire trip was based around meals. Lunch at Madison Square Park's Shake Shack where we saw an interesting art installation of statues on the buildings surrounding the park. Dinner uptown at Malecon with Richard and Yancy. The next morning we had breakfast at Cafe Habana with Alejandro (they just opened another restaurant in Malibu, CA right by my parent's house!) and then treats for the drive home from Billy's Bakery.

While Sir Luke and I were up in Boston last summer we made it a point to go visit NYC for a day or two. Sir Luke's mom, Jennifer, came a long for the fun. We hit up a bunch of our favorite haunts and got to meet up with a few friends as well. Since I'm a photographer by profession I didn't take any pictures with said friends....palm to face. But here are some photos at Madison Square Park's Shake Shack.

I had such a blast! The best part was the Starn Brother's Big Bamboo Exhibit at the Met. I hope that you see it if you get a chance because it's amazing and only open until next month. If you sign up in advance you can be taken on a tour of the canopy, space is limited. I would have loved to have hiked up, but he tickets were sold out. I had never been on the roof of the Met before. It was so amazing to look out over Central Park and see the skyline.

The three graces are always a favorite of mine. The first marble sculpture of them I saw was at the V & A Museum in London.

We spent the afternoon rowing a boat in the middle of Central Park. If you haven't done it yet I highly recommend. It's something totally fun for $12 with three friends.

We did get a chance to go to one of my favorite places, KidRobot! I collect Dunny's (one per series they release). I hadn't seen a Dunny this big before. I wonder how much it would be to have one in my hard with a bird feeder on the end of his ear? Hmmm.

Not sure when the next trip will be. It was too cold to go over Christmas. But I want to get up to the Top of the Rock and the High-line Park with a trip to New Yeah Shanghai Deluxe (which says it's closed....tears) and The Meatball Shop on the recommendation of my friends Sarah.


Tess said...

You're lookin' so good! And that genuine smile on your face must mean you're back in one of your favorite places in the world! Looks like it was wonderful.

Tamara said...

Yeah I pretty much miss the city 25 hours a day.

Yancy said...

NYC misses you guys as well!