Monday, April 25, 2011

New new

New hair thanks to my friend Janine at Your Beauty Call

New glasses thanks to Costco. They are bifocals...that was not fun to hear but I love these glasses. They are definitely going to take some getting used to at the computer. But I know I'll figure it out. Now to find prescription heart shaped sunglasses!


Club Narwhal said...

so cute! also, trish and i watched 5 episodes of my so called life this weekend while braiding a rag rug. magical!

Gogo said...


Do you feel ok wearing the bifocals? I had some in high school but they made me so motion sick I just couldn't keep wearing them.

Tamara said...

this might be my favorite haircut on you ever. fer realz.

Nicki said...

Looking so beautiful, megany!! Loving the hair and new are clllaaaaasssssyyyy!