Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dog Blog

Yep, this will probably turn into "The Dog Blog." Sorry if you come here for other reasons but such is life. I love her. Ripley's lovable and puppy-like. We got her a doggy-door last night and she used it today without coaching to do her puppy business outside. I was elated and I think I scared her a little when I shouted for joy when she came back inside (I was totally peep-toming her). But the treats she received quickly consoled her fright.

 She discovered that she likes her bouncy ball today and was enjoying sitting in a pile of pillows and gnawing on it. I just love her. And just in case you weren't sure, focusing on a black dog in low light is crazy hard....
You should totally click on this picture to enlarge it. It's cuteness overload x 10.


Sarah said...

I love all the cute pictures of Ripley. She seems like the perfect little pup!

the mom said...

aaaahhhh! i lof her!! so so so cute!