Thursday, January 13, 2011

Anniversary Gifts

I know I left you in limbo with my gifty to Sir Luke and his gift to me. Let me just tell you he totally made me cry. Dang it! I thought my gift would knock him outta-the-park, which it did, but tears! Please, he totally won.

So I got him this rad leather bound copy of the complete Frank Miller Batman comic. He loves it and has been reading it since he got it. I have to admit it's pretty awesome even if it was used. It's the only leather bound comic series I saw online and even the nerdy comic guy I talked to at the comic book store here in Henderson had never heard of it!

 But then Sir Luke went and finished our wedding DVD and completed it in a beautiful leather bound case. Watching it was fun but just the fact that he finally made it and made it complete with such a glorious case made me weep. I was so, so happy. It was great remembering all the fun times at the wedding!

Sir Luke and I (mostly me but he appeases me) like to give each other the traditional gifts for each anniversary. Year one was paper.

I gave him a framed wedding photo of the two of us, sadly the first picture of us we put up in the house, but not the last!

Sir Luke gave me a beautiful locket with a vintage button on the outside and some cute pictures of us inside. You can tell we were both reaching with photo "paper" as our gifts. But it worked out all the same!

Last year the traditional gift was cotton and we were pretty much flat broke so our anniversary consisted of most likely spaghetti and very homemade gifts. But he made me cry last year too. The man is a good gift giver, what can I say? That or I'm a big cry baby (probably the latter).

I sewed him a love letter. I cut apart a ratty old pillow case in the size of a piece of note-book paper and sewed the lines on my machine in the proper colors of the paper. Then I wrote the note on it in pen and hand embroidered over it. took like 5 hours to hand embroider my hand writing. It's a good thing I picked a VERY short message!

Sir Luke and I oddly both had dreams prior to meeting where we would see the person we were going to marry but their face would be obscured in some fashion. Wild huh? Anyway he wrote this poem for me and then drew me a beautiful picture and lettered a portion of the poem on the piece. His "cotton" gift were some handmade flowers which didn't make it for too long. But the art lives on above m night stand.

Next year is fruit or flowers...we'll see how that goes. Do you abide by any traditions when it comes to gifts?


Natalie said...

What great ideas! I love the "lined paper". You are so creative! I'll have to look into that traditional ann. gift thing. Maybe that will help me and the Mr. out a bit.

Gogo said...

The leather bound Batman comic series is kind of awesome. And the locket he gave you is sooo pretty.

I love the traditional anniversary presents. I think the fun part is stretching them a bit, but still fitting into the guideline. It pushes you to be creative.

MegRuth said...

I totally agree, Danielle! I like thinking outside the box.

Little Lisa said...

This is so great!! I love that locket. It is so gorgeous. Just like the love you two share for one another. (Cheesy but true).