Monday, December 13, 2010


What? "That was so last month," you say? Well, I didn't take many photos this year as I was cooking up a storm and apparently I'm the only one who cares about documenting said storm.

So here's a look at the best turkey I've had in my whole life. Remember all those tasty recipes? Uh yeah, the turkey stole the show, as it should. Smoke from midnight to 3pm by the amazing Sir Luke. I am dreaming about next year already. SO GOOD!

Thanks to all the family that came and lovingly abided by my rules:

No, I don't like/hate that
No faces
Try a bite, if you don't like it move onto something else

It was such a fun weekend, although the snow storms heading north cut it a tad bit short.


Natalie said...

wow, what an interesting turkey! I don't really like turkey, but that looks good! And a lovely table setting, too.

Sir Luke looks tired. :)

Julie K. said...

Loved this thanksgiving meal. What a GREAT one. Becky says they were the best mashed potatoes and turkey she's ever tried. The turkey was definitely amazing and incredibly moist and tender. The company awesome and the weekend, minus the unexpected drive home early, FANTASTIC!

Janina said...

Your lemon meringue pie looks fantastic. I might have to make one this weekend.