Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Star

Capree was here last week. It was such a wonderful surprise and we had so much fun! Since I love thrifting so much we made our way to Good Will after our luncheon at the posh In-N-Out. I found a vase exactly like the two I had previously thrifted at DI approx. nine months ago. SCORE!

But then....oh then, whilst I was staking our claim in line, Capree made her way through the shelves of Christmas decor. That's when it happened. She found the gloriously retro Christmas Star!!!!! I've been dreaming of one for ages, especially since I saw a beautiful one on Isabella & Max Rooms. Heaven only knows why because we won't be decorating this year.

Can you even believe the beauty of this piece?
And are you ready for how much I paid for it....$1.49! Bananas! That wouldn't have covered half the shipping of one bought on ebay, which would have been my last resort.

Thanks for having an eye like an eagle, Caps! You're my new hero.


Anonymous said...

A beauty for sure! And I love the background for your photog!

Love, Mom

Capree said...


Gabrielle Germaine said...

oh i love it! We have one like it but red on my family's Christmas tree. (kind of pink is now actually... the parentals got it on their first year of marriage.) Sweet find!