Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Whale Watching

There are SO many things we've done in the last couple months. Incessant traveling got me totally backed up on sharing our awesome adventures.

Life goal: Whale Watching - FULFILLED!

On memorial day we went whale watching with Sir Luke's Dad, Greg, his brother, Ben and Ben's lovely wifey Rebekah. I had SO much fun! They said there weren't a lot of whales to be seen but I begged to differ, granted this was my first adventure, so what do I know. I was super stoked that we saw any at all!

One of our more favorite things from the morning were watching the seals swim around and play at the aquarium there in the harbor. Rebekah said they looking like hot dogs with faces when they came towards uus! I couldn't stop laughing because she was totally right.

It got super foggy while we were out on the water but it turned out to be smoke from some forest fires up in Canada. It got me a tid bit nervy for a while. Smoke isn't really something you want to be smelling while you're out in the middle of the ocean. I know, I watch Deadliest Catch.

 They say the best times to go are August so if you're planning on going in Boston, go then. But all summer long you should see whales. I totally recommend it!
 Ginge-ale was our friend on the boat ride out there.

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Oh em gee, soooo cute! lil guy :-)