Friday, July 9, 2010

Neptune's Net

My friend Keri J and I get together whenever we can. She goes to school for spies in San Bernadino and obvs I live in the LV so it's not super often when we can spend time with each other. But when we do we always have a lot of fun.

This trip we had a lovely lunch in Malibu along the beach at Neptune's Net. If you have never been...GO! It's tasty tasty. I wasn't about to pass up some fried shrimp and ships, a-mazing.

There was also a fat little bird sitting a foot away from me waiting for a morsel of food. I wasn't about to fork over an ounce of my meal, even if he tried to look super pathetic.

 We also went to Malibu Yogurt for a treat and watched the final of the Ghana Uraguay game. The entire store was glued to the TV, especially the guy behind the counter. It was so intense!!

Love you Keri J!


Tess said...

My mouth is watering! Looks so good! I'm glad you two had a good time...she's in spy school now! Crazy!

Janina Jones said...

Neptune's Net is one of my favorite restaurants. I grew up about twenty minutes from there. We would always ditch school to go eat lunch there and hang out on the beach.