Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Weekend with the Parents

I had so much fun exploring Las Vegas with my parents. It was the first time in the nearly two years we've lived here that they've gotten to do this on a visit.

We decided to take them to the Hoover Dam (my fourth trip this year and it never gets old) and Red Rock (because it's amazing).  Us, and everyone else who was in town over the weekend. It was a mad house at both places.

I stil can't get over the progress that's happened since we were there back in March.



P.S. How dreamy is Sir Luke in his new glasses? Mmm hmm.


Natalie said...

My dad LOVES Hoover dam, and so does our family. What are they building? Is it a bypass or something?

MegRuth said...

Yep that's a big ol' bypass. My dad wanted to see it.