Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Always Wear You Seat Belt

My dad sent me this ad today. It's so well done.

Do you always wear a seat belt? I grew up in a state that gave you a hefty $250 fine if you didn't. It was frustrating when cabs in NYC didn't have functional belts to fasten me in; the few times I took cabs for work. Thankfully I've never been in any serious crashes but I know of quite a few people who've been saved by them.


Capree said...

I got scoliosis from NOT wearing my seat belt... Now it's the very first thing I do no matter whose car I get in!

Carolyn said...

I always wear a seat belt because I always have kids in the car and I want them to learn (by what I say AND what I do) how important it is to wear a seat belt.

Thanks for sharing!